Monday, November 21, 2016

November weekly round up 3

Yup we put up our christmas tree this week 

Went for a bike ride in the neighborhood.

we played in the leaves

And we had our first snow of the year and you can see how excited the kids are!  I kind of can't believe I caught this snowball mid flight lol

So excited to play in the snow.

looking at nature and the wonders of it, such as this leaf that had little water droplets on it that Natalie found thoroughly intriguing

making my rain book linners

 Our thanksgiving activity Days activity.  We made cookes

did a thanksgiving scripture game

Made paper bag turkeys to hold our cookies and wrote thank you notes to Sister Scarda, our primary president.

We then dropped them off at her home.  The girls had a lot of fun and loved serving!

having fun cutting up some old cardboard.

we got a random beautiful warm day so we took advantage and rode our bikes up to memory grove

played by the pond

did lots of running

and climbing and hanging on trees

tried to make it out before the rain hit, but we ended up getting out right when it started.  At least it started as a misty drizzle before it began to pour, so we got some fun time in.

Natalie likes to paint  with the mud from the creek and a stick

helping mommy make the soup

the rest of the gift for dad that I still need to finish but I making good progress so far.