Thursday, March 31, 2016

March weekly roundup 4

Last week of March and Easter!  Spring is in the air and flowers are blooming 

grandma helping me eat my noodles

first time on their bikes

two bunnies playing barbies

easter fun

getting ready for the easter egg hunt after church

church just ended and the flowers are beautiful!

these two love to climb trees, especially grandmas tree

ballet practice

a rainy trip to the library to pick some books, with a little fairy

the cutest ballerina alive!

Monday, March 21, 2016

March weekly roundup 3

St Patricks Day and an eye exam

St Patricks Day party with cousins

baby shower gift for Angie

I love when they play together

This little guys was such a trooper!  He had to see the eye doctor to check out his lazy eye.  Turns out its nothing serious which is good to hear!

They had to put special drops in his eyes to dialate them, so he got special sun glasses when he left.  He thought he was so cool!

Happy St Patricks Day!

some home made body butter for my tummy

my little bunnies

Potty training!!