Monday, February 22, 2016

February weekly round up 3

Fun week for us.  

On presedents day we took a trip to Costco and met President Uchtdorf and his wife.  I was so incredibly awkward and completely star struck, but I met him and it was so cool! 

This beautiful day calls for a lovely walk through temple square with the kids

I can't believe this is her last day of being 4!  I am going to miss the 4's

my first Beet banana pancake

The birthday day on her official birthday.  I can't belive she is 5!!!

Making and blowing out her birthday cupcakes candles.

Did a scavenger hunt for all her presents and she had so much fun finding them

Preschool today.  Its a new unit this week.  We will be talking about food for the next little while.  What a fun activity Jalene put together

A very special trip to McDonalds for this girl!

Selfie time!

It makes me happy that she still has tantrums. She wanted gum and was freaking out that she couldn't have it.  And it turned into her screaming that she was now a stupid baby and "ugaly" because she wasn't a big girl anymore since I won't allow gum.  And I suppose that translated to her being "ugaly"  lo tried not to laugh but it was so hard!

lazy Sundays

Monday, February 15, 2016

February weekly round up 2

Such a fun week this week.  This was Natalie's birthday week, El and mines Valentines weekend and to top it off it was a long weekend and El took both Friday and Saturday off so we had him the whole time!  And he had this planned for at least 3 weeks in advence!  We did so many fun birthday stuff with Natalie, had her very first all girl princess tea party birthday party.  Mckenna even came down to bring Elise for Natalie and Kelena came.  Both McKenna and Anuhea helped me out so much and made it so much better!  El took me to Aristos for my octopus dinner, we went to Lacies wedding and caught up with Tia and her husband.  It was wonderful! 

We finally got these boys a potty!

Doing preschool in the mornings

Got all dressed up to meet daddy for lunch

Our space unit field trip for preschool

Riding the trax with Audry

We got home from our preschool fieldtrip to the science center and she made her self a magnifying glass so she could look all my pimples!  Oh kids!

The Octopus.

Els delicious lamb shank

Her all girl princess tea party birthday party

decorating their tea cups

and then their crowns

playing princess and the frog 'pin the kiss on the frog' game

all the little princess in training

Lacies wedding

Great to catch up with Tia