Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August weekly round up 4

More fun at the pool.  it is so much fun going here its seriously has made this summer the best ever! 

Natalie's first ever gymnastics class and she loved it!

Visiting grandma after gymnastics

Our first official day of home schooling kindergarten

All the book we are using this year and they are all so amazing

Another trip to grandmas this week

Is there a better way to eat ice cream than on the ground? :)

We were playing zombies and I was the zombie.  I had run around while they shot me dead over and over agiain lol

More swimming we seriously go every single chance we get

And thanks to El, our favourite pool this year.  I kinda sort of can't believe how much I love it being that it is freezing cold, but I do!!!!  Its so much fun! And so refreshing!!!

Off to the gardening store to pick up some stuff for an at home herb garden.  spoiler.....It was a complete and utter fail :(

Library reading time craft....Laminated counting boats.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

August weekly round up 3

Logan visit with friends 

Natalie and little Emma coloring

A very cool new castle park

Swiming in a pool on a very cold summer night

They love boxes and I love when they play with boxes

Waiting for daddy to finish a class so he can come meet us at the park

Morning after Friday night movie night lol


 Out playing by our favourite creek

Sunday, August 14, 2016

August weekly roundup 2

Seven peaks time and a girl with her tube!  I love this place and tried to go as many times as we could this summer! 

picnics in the park

What our mornings look like :) I love it!

Splash pad!

Dinner out with the pirentes

Sleep over!

Little Pea family bbq and two boys loving their food!