Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December weekly roundup 3

This week we are getting ready for grandma and grandpa to come down.  Natalie and the boys wrote their letters to Santa and colored some fun Christmas pictures.  We had lots of sleepovers in the front, watching christmas movies.  It was heavenly!  We took the kids to the mall to look for a present for Grandma, which was successful.  The kids got to play in the play area and we bought her gift just as they arrived in the city!  The timing could not have been more perfect!  When my parents got here we had a blast!  We took the kids sledding for the first time this season which was a blast!  Natalie and Laddy loved going down the hill, but Bena preferred to just stay at the bottom of the hill playing with the snow with grandpa. We took our annual christmas drive to Dairy Keen and the kids got to play with the trains.  We roasted chestnuts, met Santa, made a ginger bread house, went to see the lights at temple square and had a family game night with grandma and grandpas new board game. It was a perfect christmas!  My mom and I stayed up super late every single night watching christmas movies like A White Christmas and Love Actually.