Saturday, April 30, 2016

April weekly roundup 4

This is a shamefully short post for this week and I don't even know why?  I guess I just didn't have my camera out nearly as much as I thought I did.  We did have a very rainy week and I thus I spent a good part of it working on the loft bed fort. So maybe thats why there are not so many pictures.  

Here we are on an outing heading to B street park, hand in hand.   These two have become closer and closer as of late. They are becoming little besties, of course when they are not mortal enemies! 

Nells and her baby

sorting leafs and making shapes out of them.  I thought it so fitting since this week we learned all about how things grow in preschool.

Our activity days field trip to the beehive house and then the Joseph Smith Memorial Building top floor.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April weekly round up 3

We love spring!!  Im just so excited that spring is finally here! I love how Natalie loves magic and fairies and princesses and castles and I could go on! She loves to live in a magical world created by her imagination and the amazing fairytales we have in our world. 

Having tea parties happens at least once a week and this week we were having a birthday party for Mr. Bear.

All his friends came.  We had Mrs. Unicorn, hoppy the kangaroo, minnie mouse, bunny and of course the guest of honor.

Natalie and her best friend/cousin/twin posing in their new shirts grandma bought them

pre sleep over fun making castle towers

Look Mommy!  Laddy was so proud

Their fort they made and slept in.  It looks so bright cause my flash was so bright but its actually super dark in here and like 12 midnight

We found free chalk at the park the next day, so we had some messy but awesome fun!

picking flowers for me

walmart trip before taking Heni home

We went to the State Capital building on sunday after church and let the kids run around.

Bena here is soaking wet.  He was pretending his hand was a dinosaur and eating salmon in the ocean aka the fountain at the capitol.  Well he got a little carried away and lost his balance and went face first into the water.  El was able to catch him pretty fast and pull him out, but not before the front of him was entirely soaked!

ballet class, another love of ours

playing at Laird park while Natalie is in ballet

I feel so blessed to live so close to so much beauty at the Salt Lake Temple

Fun at Grandmas, eating frozen yogurt popsicles on the trampoline.  Did I mention how much I love spring??!!


preschool toady learning all about planting and soil.

their little gardens they made. Sadly we left ours out in the sun to long and fish fried and then in turn killed our earthworm in the soil above.  It was quite disgusting trying to save the flowers from rotting earthworm and gold fish.

State capitol sunday fun with the family

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April weekly round up 2

This week was a fun week!  Its our last week on learning about farm animals in preschool, so we decided to take the kids the baby animal festival in salt lake.  We went there with Ahuhea and her kids. It was a really fun time! 

This seemed to be the kids favourite, the baby bunnies!  It might have been mine too!

Natalie was so happy to hold a baby chic!

The wagon ride.  Sadly about a minute into the ride an axel broke off, and we had to get out, but they still had fun

They all got to ride the horses.  Natalie was so excited, the boys were a little more weary though, but still thought it was cool I think

 They loved petting all the baby animals.

waiting for the wagon ride

This one here (laddy) kept trying to pick up every baby he saw.  It was so cute!

Showing off her yoga balance to Auntie

Auntie time with her camera which usually means lots of funny selfies

Morning cartoons before breakfast

My crew on the way to morning to zumba

Anuhea starting on her table fort and me starting on my loft bed fort.  So excited!  Also just got introduced to the Outlander show which I am so in love with, which then lead to me starting to read the first book and finishing it before we watch the next episode.